Monster Zac

Chapter 1: Meet Zac

“Zac it’s time for school, wake up darling.” Screams Zac’s mom Lucy, “I’m awake, I was studying for my Monstath test today.” Well come downstairs to eat breakfast with me your dad and your sister.” orders Lucy, ” but I have already eaten breakfast” argues Zac.”Well come down anyway” commands Lucy, “oh fine” replies Zac. Zac loves Monstath it’s his favorite subject, as Zac bikes to school that day he notices a poster saying if you were interested on going to Human land call 112-055. Zac quickly memorizes the number while in the same time riding his bike. ” good morning class, today we will be writing a letter to Zac’s grandfather Manst. He is in an adventure to find out how Human land is and feels, Zac always wished to be like his grandfather and now he finally had the chance.

Chapter 2: First Impression

One thing Zac hated I mean seriously hated about humans was that they misunderstood monsters. Once Zac met a human and said a friendly hi….. BIG mistake. He screamed and ran of, why? You might ask. Because there was a slice of apple skin stuck between his teeth, he thought it was blood and dashed for it. Till this day Zac still hates being misunderstood.

Chapter 3: The Agreement

3 months later Zac finally met Donaldmonstertrump to discuss what he could do and what he couldn’t, after a whole hour they finally rwached an agreement and gave Zac permission to go. Zac couldn’t wait for Monday it was the day he departed Monster land. Now all Zac wanted was the time to go faster, but it seemed the more he wanted it to go faster it went slower. By now it was going as slow as a snail, after what it felt to be years it was finally the day to approach H.l also known as Human land.

Chapter 4: The Trip To H.l

Zzzooom!!!!!! I am so excited to meet new people, I will be staying at Manst’s house. Donaldmonstertrump strictly instructed me to not meet more then 5 humans, but I assume I won’t follow that rule, right now all I know is that I will be judged. Zac arrived at 7:00 pm human time so it was to late to meet any humans, Zac ran to Manst to give him a huge cuddle. Zac missed Manst a lot, he had not seen him for along time. That night Manst and Zac stayed up late watching Monstertunes and telling each other stories about how it is like in H.l or news at school. The next day Zac put on his best clothes brushed his teeth made sure there were nothing stuck between his teeth and went to the city with a positive smile. He walked all the way to the city and made sure to make a good first impression.

Chapter 5: Meeting Mac

“Hello my name is Zac, whats your name” enquirers Zac, “Hi Zac my name is Mac, I’m chuffed to meet you” replies Mac. “Are you a you a monster or am I just dreaming” asks Mac, “no, your not dreaming. I am a monster, but don’t worry I am friendly” ensures Zac. “Ok, I always assumed Monsters are evil” says Mac, “well you assumed wrong” replied Zac.”Would you like to be friends” asks Zac, “sure” answers Mac.  The rest of the day went like that Zac and Mac played asked each other questions and things  like that. Zac couldn’t wait for the next day, he finally had a friend he was over the moon with happiness. He hugged Manst tight then he dashed out of the house straight to the park were they were suppose to meet, 2 min later Mac finally arrived to the park. “Want to watch a movie in the theater” suggests Mac, “sure” replies Zac. But just then Zac gets a phone call from Donaldmonstertrump, “Zac you need to come back to M.l tomorrow, we set up everything. All you need to do is show up” declares Donaldmonstertrump. “Yes sir, bye” said Zac.

Chapter 6: The Ending

“Sorry Mac I can’t go to the theater with you, I have to go back to H.l tomorrow. I’m sorry, I have to pack now” says Zac. “That’s alright” replies Mac, they both give each other a final hug then say there goodbyes.”Monsters are not that bad” declares Mac.


Zinan’s Adventure in Anfield

Chapter 1: Meet Zinan

Swoosh! The ball curves through the side of the goal post and beautifully in to the net. Goal!!!!!!! Sing the fans as they dance merrily. Zinan has just scored his 10th Premier league goal in his career, this is his debut season and seems like Manchester United are really going to need him to play the striker role. After the horrible ankle injury that Romello Lukakua has picked up last season, Man U have just signed this wonder kid a few days ago just before the season had started and now his making history in the Prem. This is just his 4th game and his already bagged up a bundle of awards, such as the best wonderkid award, top young goal scorer for Man U and many more. Were getting some news here that there will only be 4 minutes of added time and seems like the Red devils have a comfortable lead now and there surely going to win this match. Wshh! The whistle goes it’s all over Man United 4 and Leicester city 2, Man U have secured first place in the prem table with a 10 goal lead and second is the one and only Liverpool and of course Man City are running 3rd . Keep watching Sky sports as the Red devils face their arch-enemy and biggest rival Liverpool, this Friday at Wembley stadium. And also, as Man City face Leicester City on Saturday. “Do you think The Red Devils are going to win the league this season?” Asks Martin Tyler to Alan Smith, “oh I don’t actually know because the season has just started, but all I’m sure of is that this season is just about to get a whole lot more interesting” answers Alan Smith.

Chapter 2: Training

“Good game Zinan, you really have improved” praises Neymar “thank you very much, you played excellent out their too” replied Zinan. “Thanks mate” responses Neymar “Zinan! May I please have your autograph” requests a fan “of course” answers Zinan. “Thank you so much I really appreciate” thanks the fan “no problem at all” says Zinan. “Oi! Zinan head to the bus we need to get back” “ok, coming” muttered Zinan while heading to the bus disappointed that he couldn’t spend more time with his fans. Broom!!! The bus speeds off to a very pitched black night sky, all the fans say bye, good luck and those other things then headed back to each of there homes. Ring! Ring!!!! “Uh, what’s the time” asked Zinan tiredly to Neymar his roommate “it’s 7:30, why do you ask?” Neymar replied. “Oh, no reason. Just checking” explains Zinan,“ok” tells Neymar. “We have a big game this Friday we must win, if of course we want to keep our 10 goal lead.” Advises Neymar, “I know, that’s why we have to train hard today and tomorrow. Like you said if we want to win.” Replies Zinan. So the to boys headed to the canteen to eat their breakfast, as soon as they arrived the coach told everybody to take a seat. As he was explaining the tactics for Friday nights game also what they will be training today. “So Zinan and Neymar you will be doing the shooting drills, the bucket challenge and the chance creation drill after you are done with all of that you both go for a jog around the whole pitch 3 times. To finish it you both will do a mini race to see who can make it back to the first goal post and back, do I make my self clear.” Enquires Jurgen Klop, “yes coach” replies Zinan and Neymar. “ May the best man win?” asks Zinan, “obviously” says Neymar while rolling his eyes. After 2hrs the duo finished their training, 3..2..1…. GOO!!!!!! Neymar and Zinan dashed of, Neymar was in the lead but just then Zinan made it past him in the last second. They both high-fived each other while predicting the starting 11 of Liverpool.

Chapter 3: The Big Game

The night drifted past quite quickly and before they knew it their alarm screamed out screaming like a wild chicken. They both jumped out of bed as fast as a bullet then dashed to the toilet to brush their teeth. The day rolled by quickly and soon enough they were in there bed going to sleep. It was the big game at Anfield, liverpool’s home ground. Everyone was nervous, by now the amazing duo even felt a bad feeling of butterflies. They walked up to the tunnel ready to start the game before they knew it they could here the crowd screaming wildly. Wsshh!!! The referee’s whistle screeched wildly as the game begun, Neymar passed the ball to Zinan. Zinan started dribbling before 2 min Man U had already scored the first goal of the day. Zinan jumps to the air while punching the air. Zinan had dribbled past the whole Liverpool team and scored. The rest of the game went like that Zinan scored a hat-trick, made 5 goal scoring chances but not all went in and he also got 2 assist. Both to Neymar, the game ended 5-2 to Man U. That was their 5th win in a row, “that was a close game wasn’t it?” enquires Zinan. “Really close, maybe to close actually.” Answers Neymar, “good game ai lads?” questions coach, “yep” says the whole team.

Chapter 4: The Celebration

That night the team had a party to celebrate their win over Liverpool. Everyone had a blast, it was full of fun and games they even had a game of basketball. The night went like that and both Neymar and Zinan knew they had a huge adventure for this season.